About Me


Hi! I'm Dustin, a newly graduated software developer. I have a passion for computer science, cooking, and taekwondo.


At the moment, I am completely enamored with Rust and actively working on a iOS application in my free time. Over time I've transitioned from wanting to know everything about computer science and attempting to learn as many languages as possible. Now, I'm most interested in what I believe is best referred to as ergonomic performance. That is, languages, concepts, frameworks, etc. that have been designed to maximize performance or to design their libraries in such a way that one has to be aware of performance concerns. (i.e. rayon)



I've been practicing Taekwondo for over 15 years. I'm a 3rd dan black belt in World Taekwondo Federation style Taekwondo.

Breaking 3 bricks on fire

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