About Me


👋 I'm Dustin, a fullstack developer originally from Connecticut and currently based in London, UK working for Yelp.

I'm obsessed with making people more efficient. It brings me joy to help with automating the repetitive tasks in their life. In code, I find Rust scratches a similar itch of fearless efficiency but, I'm attempting my best to implement the practices taught in Grokking Simplicity in areas where using Rust isn't possible.

Outside of coding (and consuming all the medias, check out my favorites here), I love to cook, bake, design things, and a variety of atypical physical exercise. Specifically I've dabbled in Taekwondo, BJJ, Wing Chun, Parkour, and Aerial Silks.

Always open to chat by email

Topics Currently on the Mind

  • Second Brain(s) and Tools for Thought
  • Graceful Complexity in UI/UX
  • Designing interfaces that invite people to not fear making a mistake by touching the wrong thing
  • WebAuthn server via Cloudflare Workers
  • Can shadows acting in relation to ambient light make UIs interact with the external world in a pleasing way for a user?
  • Sharing computation between frontend and backend
  • Do I have anything to add to the podcast space?
  • When can there be an ergonomic way to write Rust for web UIs
  • How much of improving software design is providing the space for iteration before considering sharing it with others?
  • Library.JSON

Tech I'm Watching

5 Essential Foods

Quite proud to have been taught to value the 5 most essential foods

  • Olive Oil
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Wine
  • Anything on the Grill (especially important as the son of an Argentine)