Interaction Design - Downsize


Often times for an interaction design class we're given a week to "fix" something or come up with a "new" idea. It's always incredibly difficult and ends up while easy to complete entirely uninspiring.

This particular project was not the case. I've listened to many conversations in which my grandparents explain the absolute complexity of downsizing after living for 80+ years and being avid collectors of Native American art. What do you do when your 6 foot tall, 300 pound totem pole can't go with you?

This is where being a designer shines. When you experience (or empathise with) a problem and just have to express in some way, a solution. For this desire to come about in conjunction with one of those "Come up a with an idea to build a UI for in a week" assignments was serendipitous.

Introducing Downsize (the UI prototype)

Core Concepts

There are "Existing" and "New" Homes which have Rooms and Boxes. Boxes contain items which can be:

  • Saved
  • Consigned
  • Donated
  • For Family/Friends
  • Recycled

A cool little UI feature is when a user buys an item, Downsize will load the cost of handling/shipping and show the user in green/red whether they will lose money at the bidded price.

Experience Prototype

One of the requirements for this project was to showcase the experience of using this theoretical service.

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