The 1975 Interview


The YouTube algorithm recommended The 1975: ‘Being Funny In a Foreign Language’ Interview | Apple Music of which I've developed a great deal of respect for Matt Healy, his outlook on life, and his ability to articulate it.

The part that stuck out was a word he made up and defined: sceneius

Someone of exceptional capacity to recognize an environment and create new something from it

This is a paraphrase of the actual quote but I think it is quite accurate. It really opened my eyes to the commonalities between music and starting a business/disruption in general.

A person with vision for a successful disruption not only needs to:

  • have a good idea
  • the capacity to execute on it
  • be capable of explaining to others their idea
  • understand how this idea differs from what's come before

But they also need to be able to read the scene or environment to know if this is the right moment to introduce a disruption. It's not uncommon to hear of failed startups because it "wasn't the right time"