Rap Theory & Practice


YouTube's algorithm recommended a fascinating lecture from MIT by Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco presents “Rap Theory & Practice: an Introduction”

Of which the most compelling aspects I found were:

  1. Pondering things in terms of themselves. In the video, Lupe uses forming an acronym from RAP as the example but urges the audience to consider the same for their roles and passions in life.
  2. Being intentional about the balance between shape and detail when thinking.
    • A sub-detail of that that seems valuable is practicing being more aware of when a context is focusing on the shape or the detail of a given artifact or topic.
  3. Being intentional about learning, because it will happen whether you consciously choose to or not. And in fact makes it more enjoyable.

Some other carry aways I'll be pondering:

  • How can I utilize surprise, or schema deviance, to make conversations, speeches, presentations, and other forms of information distribution stick better?